I was a little skeptical at first signing up for boot camp. First off it is almost an hour away from my home in Hot Springs. Secondly after doing boot camp for the past 18 months with an Army Sergeant outside in sometimes 94 degree heat and 100% humidity in SW Florida, I was not sure if Wendy’s class was going to be challenging enough.  Well I must say it is! I feel I am getting a great workout and being challenged every week. She keeps us going and pushes us to the next level. I enjoy the boot  camp with Wendy so much I have signed up for personal training with her as well.

I never really workout with more than a 15 pound dumbbell, so it is awesome that Wendy keeps pushing for more weight. Every week I can do a little more. She works me until I fail. As she says “that’s a good thing!” She is working my legs too. I have signed up to run a ½ marathon in January and with Wendy’s help I think my legs will be the strongest ever! Thank you Wendy.

Lisa Mullins

Lisa at the marathon finish line2


“I was a boot camp skeptic. I only signed up because I was desperate to
lower my cholesterol number and a friend suggested I try it. To my surprise
and delight, I love it! The workouts are always interesting and different so
there’s no getting bored. The gym is clean and uncrowded, and Wendy is a
perfect coach. And my results speak for themselves. In just 2 months, I
dropped a clothing size, have much more energy, sleep better, and am happy
with the way I look for the first time in several years. But even better, my
cholesterol count dropped 32 points. I’m a huge fan of Wendy’s boot camp

Betsey Russell


“Myself and a friend have been working out for just
over one year and with Wendy Roche as our personal trainer for about 9 of
those 12 months.  My experience with other trainers has generally been okay,
less personalized than I would like and definitely nothing near the
relationship and trust I have developed with Wendy.
While the huge, glitzy gyms may be to some people’s liking I think they’re more show, than go.  If you truly care about your health this more independent, focused, training oriented methodology seems so much more logical.
Wendy truly personalizes every single workout and with 2-4 workouts per week since we’ve started I do not believe we have ever repeated the same
workout twice!  She cares so much about our health and nutrition and always
asks if we have any aches, pains, or general worries before each workout.
Wendy has emailed me recipes, nutrition information, and even called in the
middle of the week just to see how I’m doing.  Her drive and determination
are always evident and she passes that energy on in each and every workout
to whomever she is training.
I am so thankful to have such an incredible trainer, as well as, amazing
human being in my life!”

Jordana Thompson


“I came to Wendy because I had tried everything else to lose weight and I was at the end of my rope. I needed to lose the weight not only to look better, but more importantly for my health. I knew that I needed to try something that I have never done before. I have worked out in the past, but really didn’t know what I needed to do and how much of it, to lose the weight. I met and started this journey with Wendy Roche. I have been working with Wendy for 2 months, and I’m so excited to say that I have lost 15 pounds, 14 inches, and 1.5% body fat!! This is the first Christmas season that I did not gain weight! The best part for me is that Wendy believes I can do it, and makes me have the confidence to keep pushing. She always encourages me when I think I can’t do something. I am so grateful for Wendy. I can’t wait to see how much more I can accomplish!”

Charlene S.

April 23, 2010 Update:

Charlene started training with me 6 months ago.  She had been diagnosed with high cholesterol and metabolic syndrome.  Within the last 6 months she’s lost close to 25 pounds.  That’s incredible in itself but she also had her blood work tested 6 months ago and then retested last week, the results were astonishing.  6 months ago her total cholesterol was 222 now it’s 189; her triglycerides were 749, today they’re 142 (normal is below 150)!  She’s off of her iron supplement completely and her diabetic drug dosage has been cut in half from 2500mg to 1500mg.  Adding years to her life and obtaining a better quality of life, now that’s worth all the hard work.  Way to go Charlene!


imagejpeg952 (4)b



“I came to Wendy five months ago because I was tired of feeling and looking blah. Having had 4 children in 6 years  I not only needed help losing weight, but I also needed encouragement and support to start a routine at the gym and modify my lifestyle at home. Wendy has guided me to not only find my physical strength but has reminded me how strong I really am. Juggling daily life with 4 kids can be time consuming and draining. Finding time in my schedule can be difficult, but thanks to Wendy I am on the path to reclaiming my body. I am losing weight, feeling strong, and believing in myself! I could never had gotten to this point of personal satisfaction by myself, and I owe it to the 45 minutes 3 days a week that I spend at Plank Fitness!”

Elizabeth A.

Elizabeth medicine ball push up


After the birth of my second son, I wanted to get back into shape, so I started taking classes at the YMCA.  I got frustrated after a few months, because I was seeing very little progress – I lost a little weight and got a bit toned, but quickly plateaued.  Needless to say, frustration got the better of that workout plan.  This last winter, I sat for literally 4 months straight while studying for a professional exam.  After passing, I realized just what a toll that experience had taken on me and my health, so I started bootcamp with Wendy. Four months later and I’m stronger than I’ve ever been.  I can do pushups!  My low abs, which have been through two caesarian births, are finally able to do leg lift crunches!  The results began for me with the first class, and haven’t stopped.  Wendy is so great about ensuring that each person is working hard during each exercise, and each class is a different mix of exercises, so I’m never bored or hit the dreaded plateau.  There is something so satisfying about completing an exercise I never thought I could do.  I actually look forward to going to class and working out.  Bootcamp is really fun!

Linnea L.



Brian S. before and after pics

  1. April 23, 2010 at 4:41 pm

    Wendy Rocks!!! I wasn’t sure what to expect going to my first boot camp class. After the first day I was hooked. Ever since the first class I have so much more energy and feel great. Thanks o3 health and fitness! I’m signing up for next month too!

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