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Burn 400 Calories In 15 Minutes

October 25, 2010 Leave a comment

How is it possible to burn 400 calories in just 15 minutes? This must be impossible, it must be some get thin quick scheme. Oh contraire, it’s entirely possible and if you want to burn big calories in a short amount of time then here’s how.

This routine should take about 15 minutes. It involves only two exercises; the burpee and arm swing.  Choose a challenging weight for the arm swing, 30 to 40 pound kettlebell or dumbbell.  Perform each exercise for time. Check it out.

  Burpees Rest Arm Swings Rest
Seconds 90 10 15 15
  75 10 30 15
  60 10 45 15
  45 10 60 15
  30 10 75 15
  15 10 90 15

This may seem simple at first glance but rest assure, you’ll be done after this one.  I did this with my boot camp class last Friday at the end of an already gruelling workout.  If you’re up for a really good challenge do this as a warm up or as a finisher like I did with boot camp.  Good luck and be well.

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Girls On The Run Event

Girls On The Run Rocks!

This past Saturday we were at the Girls On The Run event at Biltmore Park and it was a blast.  There were so many young girls that ran or walked the entire 5K (3.1 miles) and it was wonderful to see them experience that sense of accomplishment and pride knowing that they did something so difficult.  You could definitely tell that it was really rewarding for these young girls to finish sure a large feat.  The track was around the Biltmore Park neighborhood and was quite hilly and challenging not to mention 3 miles long.  I was so proud of each and every girl who crossed that finish line.  The O3 crew were at the finish line handing out goody bags, water bottles, and ribbons to the girls as they crossed.  It was so much fun!  Congratulations to all the girls that participated, way to go!!!


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Workout For St. Jude

May 4, 2010 1 comment

Check out this great video of our third annual Workout For St. Jude charity event.  Good clean fun!!

The Push Up

April 26, 2010 Leave a comment

St. Jude Tire Flip

April 23, 2010 Leave a comment

We at O3 are having our Annual Workout for St. Jude event tomorrow Saturday April 24th from 12 to 3.  We are flipping a tractor tire end over end for five minutes to see how many times we can flip.  We have sponsors who are donating however much they want to per flip so if they donating $1 per flip and I flip the thing 100 times ( which is the least I’m aiming for) then $100 will be donated to St. Jude.  All donations are going directly to St. Jude. 

Come on out to the gym tomorrow!  We’re grilling out, playing trainer games, and flipping the tire.  It will be a fun time for all.

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A Charlene Update

April 23, 2010 Leave a comment

Charlene is making life changing progress in her fitness journey.  Check out her update on the testimonials page and find out how she’s adding years to her own life.

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Is Boot Camp Right For You?

April 23, 2010 Leave a comment

Of Coarse It Is!  Boot camp is done in a group setting so regardless of your current fitness level you’ll get an amazing workout.  You challenge yourself and do the best you can.  A great benefit of group fitness is seeing how others are doing and always pushing yourself just that much harder.  If you’re looking for weight loss, muscle toning, or a way to get your metabolism revved up then absolutely boot camp is right for you.  If you’re in a rut with your current workout routine and not seeing results or if you need to ease back into exercise then boot camp group fitness is perfect for you. 

When I teach boot camp I use metabolic style training which means I combine upper and lower body strength training along with upper and lower body cardio moves.  In other words, every muscle gets worked from both the aerobic and strength side of exercise.  This method is proven to be the most effective, efficient form of weight loss.  Think about it, why spend 45 minutes focused on one muscle group when you could hit two or three muscle groups at a time and burn even more calories and tone even more muscles at one time.  If you’re not into wasting time in the gym and getting more bang for your buck then boot camp is right for you.

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