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How To Lose Weight in Asheville

Losing weight in Asheville is no different than in an other city.  It may be a little easier in fact.  Asheville is easy on the eyes and offers a lot of outdoor exercise opportunity.


There are three golden keys to weight loss that I share with my clients and help them incorporate into their lives everyday.


#1: A Healthy Diet, #2: Strength Training, #3: Cardio.


Revolutionary, I know.  These three things have never been combined like this before!  It’s a new era in weight loss.  Ok, slightly sarcastic.  None of this information is new but there don’t need any new information.  What we need is change.  Changing your daily habits of eating and moving is how to lose weight in Asheville and everywhere else.


Sometimes creating change is difficult without help so call a buddy, talk to your household, call me.  Whatever you decide is great.  Now do it!!  Clean your diet up, (read my last post for some ideas), incorporate walking or biking into your week and every week, and join a gym (if you’ll go) or hire a personal trainer to start strength training so you can develop more muscle mass so you can burn calories just sitting around!


Don’t let another day go by without changing something that will get you closer to your goals.  Things that don’t get you closer just move you further away and what’s the point in that!?  Be healthier, feel incredible, live life better!


Bonus Workout:

Plank 30sec

Weighted Crunches 15 reps

Body Weight Squats 20 reps

Push Ups (see Video section) 15 reps

Step Ups 15 reps each leg

Body Row 15 reps

-Repeat 3 times-


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