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It's average to loose 1 to 2 pounds per weeks while following a sensible diet and exercise plan. Lose weight now, before the holidays, and have fun doing it!! If you've been thinking about starting a workout program now is the time to take control of your body and your life. Let me help you get into great shape, feel more confident, look amazing, and have more energy for all those holiday plans with friends and family!.

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25% OFF Personal Training

February 4, 2014 Leave a comment

ImageWow!  What an exciting year it’s been so far!  Plank has really taken off and we’re so excited for the opportunity to help people all over Western North Carolina lose weight and get into the best shape of their lives.  We have the most knowledgeable and professional team of personal trainers.  We are all career personal trainers meaning this is what we do, who we are, and it is our sole focus to help you along your fitness path with the most up-to-date exercise methods and nutritional advise.

We are your New Year’s Solution.  We’re offering a 25% savings on all of our personal training packages for anyone that signs up for at least 2 months of personal training.  If you’re not completely satisfied we’ll give you your money back, guaranteed!  See our ad in the Mountain Xpress and mention that ad to receive the discount.  We want this year to be the most physical successful year you’ve ever had so call us today to get started feeling better and looking great!!

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I Love Burpees

November 29, 2013 Leave a comment

i_love_burpees_fitness_christmas_tree_ornament-rd38177bc87f44a18b520f20911fc0390_x7s2y_8byvr_324Ok, so a lot of you don’t love burpees like I do and that’s ok.  Different strokes…  But the reason I love burpees so much is not so much how they make me feel while I’m doing them but how they benefit me after I’ve done them.  That’s the point I wanted to make here.  Sometimes, especially around the holidays, making the healthiest food choice doesn’t feel very good, we all want that sugary, salty, fatty choice instead.  Although eating as clean as you can doesn’t feel good at the time all the time rest assured that you’ll love the way you feel after the fact.  When it comes to food, as opposed to burpees, you’ll feel a whole lot better a lot quicker!!  So while you’re trying to choose between the sweet potato casserole and the green beans choose more of the green beans this holiday season knowing how much they’ll benefit you after you’ve eaten them.  Have a happy, healthy, strong holiday!!!


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Run Your Best 5K Ever!!

September 26, 2013 Leave a comment

Running-Feet   PACE: 5K Running Program

Dates: October 3 (Thurs) – December 7 (Sat)

Occurs:   2 times per week on Thursdays (5:30PM) and Saturdays (8:30AM).

It will be a 10-wk program, with no group run on the Saturday of Thanksgiving, although programming will be provided for clients to do on their own.

Intention:   To train for a 5K in a strong, healthy, and smart way. Two group runs will be held each week:
Track workout on Thursdays at the UNCA track
Longer runs on Saturdays starting at Plank.

Track workouts involve repetition of running intervals at a faster pace and aim to improve speed and aerobic fitness; longer runs focus on endurance and preparing the body to run strong for the full distance. Exercises to build overall strength and fitness will also be included.

Distances will range from 3 – 5 miles

5K will be held on Saturday December 7th at the Jingle Bell Run in Montford

Fees: $249 (all inclusive of entrance fee for 5k, programming, and T-shirt.)

15% discount for existing Plank Fitness clients

Call 828-545-0475 or email to Sign Up TODAY!!

For more information:   PACE-5k-running-program/

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The Children Are Our Future

July 31, 2013 Leave a comment

IMG_4856          It’s so important to teach our children to be healthy, for so many reasons.  Here are just a few:

1. So they don’t have to battle their weight or fight diseases their whole life.

2. To help improve their self-image and self-esteem, So important to school age children.

3. Allows their body to develop the way it’s supposed to.  If extra weight causes an adults’ knees and back to ache just image what it does to a child’s bone development.

If a child is taught poor eating habits those eating habits will be harder to break the older that they grow.  Don’t set your child up failure but for success.  I heard it put like this one time, “No disease comes from physical activity and healthy eating.”  It really doesn’t get any easier than that.  Although, putting a healthy plan in action can be difficult sometimes.  If you or your family needs help please contact someone with the know-how to help you implement a healthy lifestyle for you and your children.  It will be the best gift you could ever give!!

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Boot Camp Thank You

I’ve got some amazing clients.  I know I’ve said that before but it’s the truth!

For the last several years I’ve run a boot camp up until recently.  As a farewell present, a number of people that have taken that boot camp class for years wrote this amazing workout for me and did it with me.  I have to say, it was the most challenging, most perfect, terribly fun workout I’ve ever done!!  They took me through the warm up, quoted lines I say during workouts, and it was a blast!  They also filmed it with my iPad and gave me a card and gift card to a local coffee shop!  I was totally surprised.

I haven’t been able to tell everyone just how thankful I am for them but I truly am grateful.  Having a group of incredible people around you makes you stronger.  So remember, working out is not just good for your body but it’s good for your heart and soul as well.

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Kevin Moonwalking

March 25, 2013 Leave a comment

Don’t get bored at the gym, try moonwalking…or pushing heavy things with people on them down the hallway.

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Client Of The Month!!

March 19, 2013 1 comment

15353611-closeup-of-female-legs-jogging-on-a-trailI’ve got some amazing clients.  They come to me for all different reasons and they all know that I can help them achieve their goals.  I thought I’d share with you a short story of my client of the month; Carol!  Carol and I started working together back in May 2011.  She came to me for weight loss.  Although we haven’t lost a tremendous amount of weight she has accomplished some amazing things.


Carol’s knees bothered her a great deal.  Going up and down stairs were a major issue.  Her stairs at home are higher than normal stairs so they were especially difficult.  Carol’s balance was also a concern.  She walks on the weekends with her husband and she was worried about falling.  A concern for a lot of people, and knee pain is more common than you may think as well.  Carol is now able to step up on a bench and balance on 1 leg while holding a dumbbell above her head.  So, steps are not as challenging and her balance has improved tremendously.


Something else worth mentioning is that Carol had never workout on a consist basis ever.  She had never begun an exercise routine and stuck with it.  This is pretty common among a lot of people as well.  Perhaps you even.  Well, she hasn’t missed a workout since she began.  Really remarkable!  She’s been extremely consistent from the beginning and I couldn’t be prouder of her, until this past week that is.


Carol and her workout partner met me at a local gardens not far from the gym last week.  We went out there to enjoy the outdoors and get some sunshine, it was the first nice day we’d had in months!  My plan was to show Carol how she can burn a tons of calories during her weekend walks.  We did intervals of fast walking and slow walking; walking at a very fast pace for 30 seconds and then slowing things down for 40 seconds and repeating that for 20 to 30 minutes.  Since it was our first time trying this I wanted to just see how things went and take it from there as to how long to continue the intervals.  Well, 20 minutes pass and she’s doing really well, REALLY well.  In fact she did something that I didn’t think I would see her do.  She began to jog!!!!  Jog!  And she continued to jog for the duration of our workout, another 20 minutes.  During the 30 seconds of ‘fast walking’ she was jogging.  Wow.  Remember, this is a woman who came to me with troubled knees that bothered her going up and down the stairs.  This is a woman who had never taken up jogging as an exercise for any length of time and yet here she was, jogging intervals for 20 minutes!  I know she enjoyed it but for me it was the most rewarding day of my training career.  I’m so proud of her!  My job is to help people improve their quality of life.  It is a true pleasure to see someone like Carol doing great things and improving her quality of life.  Way to go Carol!  You are truly amazing!

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